Enterprise WiFi

Provides a network that can securely and reliably handle all types of traffic, throughout the entire network, over virtually any media, while providing consistent service delivery to all users.

Configure and manage your network perfectly

Enterprise WiFi is the fundamental changes in the way the world communicates.

We acknowledged that to manage and maintain wireless network can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Even more, employee and visitor will get irritated, work progress delay and overall sense of dissatisfaction company-wide when WiFi performance is feeble. Fortunately, we will be provide you a reliable and capable of wireless hardware and software that has the ability to boost your WiFi performance.

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Poor WiFi performance may lead to serious damage.

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Employee will suffer due to the delay of their work progress.

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Employee should be able to browse seamlessly.

Enterprise WiFi

Setting up your enterprise WiFi network should be as easy and straightforward as setting up your home router. Especially as it's quite likely that you may need more than one AP to cover your whole building or even outdoor area as we discussed earlier, you don't want to touch each and every AP. What’s more, manually configuring multiple APs is error prone and can result in unwanted experiences. Therefore, we will provide enterprise WiFi solutions to configure and manage your network.

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Enterprise WiFi is the main tools to connect among the employee.

Enterprise WiFi solution by EVOSS provides you with the following:

  • Network Management Controller.
  • Unified IT Management across Geography.
  • Unified Video Surveillance Management
  • Mobile App for Easy Configuration.

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