Server and Storage

No doubt that we can offer a wide range of data storages and servers that is designed according to your requirements


EVOSS are specialize in customizing your server and storage based on your needs.

As an important component of hardware architecture for a business, EVOSS is ready to provide you with an easily configure server and storage space according to your business requirements. We can also help to enhance the manageability and scalability of your server and storage.

Server and Storage

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Our expertise in Server and Storage solution will be helpful for your company.

Most computer networks support one or more servers and storage that handle specialized tasks. As a rule, the larger the network - in terms of clients that connect to it or the amount of data that it moves - the more likely it is that several servers and storages plays a role, each dedicated to a specific purpose.

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EVOSS are able to provide you with various type of Server and Storage.

Why your company needs Server and Storage?

The server and storage infrastructure is the backbone of all modern business. And, as such, it is one of biggest and most pressing concerns of IT departments, not to mention executives. Servers form an essential component in building a robust IT platform that is flexible and adaptable enough to change quickly to evolving situation. Now, more than ever, business need support both in storing of data and in managing and designing their infrastructure to suit them. They are looking for an all-encompassing solution that will streamline and simplify the size of data, and turn it into an intelligent and valuable product that will drive their business further. That is where EVOSS server and storage solutions provide cost effective high performance.

From our experience, most business demand tighter control and understanding of the flow of their data and how it is retained. Areas such as information life-cycle management (ILM), disaster recovery, business continuity and data acquisition all rely on storage infrastructures for information integrity.

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